Streamzit Music Recognition App

Streamzit offers an amazing music recognition app, the app grabs listening musics either on your mobile device or any other form of media gadgets,e,g Radio. Streamzit will detect any song playing anywhere automatically and you can view it in the library as well.



Streamzit has an amazing audio recognition that work across different platform

smart in detecting music of any kind and from any country.

  • Premium Quality

    As we start to set the standard of an amazing app journey, priory updates will give you the best of what you can hope for in our app.

  • 1 Click on Library

    Every automated recognized music  are saved directly into the library where you can easily find all your songs for later use .

  • Free Support & Updates

    We are here to support our downloader in other to bring in amazing features into our app and make it one of the best app that will always serve its purpose.

Your Media

Music platforms with  streamzit, detect any kind of music playing .

Ultra Responsive Design

Streamzit was carved out with a design so unique and simple to use anywhere at anytime.

Powerful panel

We run on a powerful panel to avoid crashing of App during download or use. .

One Click Insall

Click on the app icon at the top or visit your IOS store on IPAD,IPHONE and other IOS platform for instant app install


Streamzit run on two different colors which is white and black, you can switch the app color from your IOS mobile phone

Upcoming Features

We will be coming soon with features you will  all love to see..

Music Library


Completely tested across many music platform,a way to save the day.

Share/ Delete

Easy to share with friends and families ..saving the same kind of songs can easily be deleted.

Super Fast

Easy to install …We made it to be super fast

Plan your day

Let your saved music take you through a passive and passionate journey find music everywhere and play it anywhere…we got your back.

Our Development

Our Design

Our Marketing


Streamzit function Images

Apps function display!

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